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The Doctor’s Roundtable 2.28.16
March 21, 2016 | Dr. Liana

Have An Alcohol or Substance Abuse Problem? (Part 2)
March 2, 2016 | Dr. Liana

Identifying as an “addict” or “alcoholic” is one end of the spectrum, but like most things in life, substance/alcohol abuse problems exist along a continuum from mild to severe and are influenced by a variety of factors (co-occurring disorders, socioeconomic …
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Over the past 30 years countless research studies have shown the significant benefits of regular meditation to our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. The traditional practice of mindfulness meditation involves developing heightened awareness of one’s experience of the present moment, with observation and acceptance, rather than judgment and reactivity. By practicing 15-20 minutes each day one can learn to develop self-awareness, quiet the mind, act rather than react, tolerate difficult emotions, live in the present moment, lower stress levels, and increase concentration, creativity, and self-acceptance.

Please click here for a list of various meditation techniques to help you get started. Practice each one several times before trying a new one. Like anything else that’s worthwhile, it requires practice and consistency.